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You could avoid this by some good old fashioned crawling, even if it goes against your nature.

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Don't worry however too much however, because you'll be your old roaring, cock strutting self adoring self again fairly soon. Some of your fans may even be in need of your help.

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Give it to them, so know very well that you can extract something extra out of them at a later date. Lotto Numbers: 2. Don't get bored with the same old routine this month. Let your hair, and anything else you care to, down and your fantasies run wild by the 15th.

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You could have a little windfall and this will make the pleasure a bit easier to take for the old purse. You will be in good company towards the end of the month, and you can share some of the load with them. The end of your misery is in sight, only a few more weeks to go. Some cad is asking for payment for a little favour he once did for you a long time ago.

Tell him to go and swim in a shark invested waters. After the 20th. You feel the urge to do something unusual; like going au naturelle whilst doing your house work. Someone or something is bound to get an eyeful. Don't lock yourself up in your little ivory tower. Tell others about your schemes and dreams, and if they stat laughing, start stinging them in places where it hurts most.

However pick your mark very carefully, otherwise your stinger might get crumbled in the process. You could feel energetic on the 12th.


Bad luck this is a day of rest. Some of your friends may try and hit you for a handout, tell them you are not a charitable organisation. Lotto Numbers: 5. You cannot rely on others to sort problems. If you let them advise you, you could get really stuffed up. Your best bet is to get some spirits to help you out.

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This spiritual treatment could relax you no end. If however, you start seeing spirits, just invite them in and make them feel at home and toast their health and well being. Be very helpful and friendly towards the end of the month. You may be pleasantly surprised by rewards for favours given in the past. On the 18th. Be very alert and do not give in to pleads from friends for you could end up with a nasty case of " fat lip" on the 30th.


Don't admit you are wrong, but keep a stiff upper lip; unless you got a fat lip on the 18th. Don't over do the debauching or you could get a pimply face. This month you will find the need to attract attention to yourself. You will probably get it from a stranger and not from your mates. Your so called mates may even try to abuse you. Spend your money only on necessities, also make sure all accounts are paid for and that you are not being over charged.

Lotto Numbers: 6. Not wise to rely entirely on your own judgment ask for advice. Personal relationships could be troubling you, just try to take things calmly with your partners. Don't blow up things out of proportion and say things you really do not mean.

Lotto Numbers: 1. You could be craving for some luxury and may even try to indulge in something you can't really afford. Hasty decisions could put you on the wrong track, so check everything before promising anything important. Mostly it should be a happier time. You could be feeling resentful towards any form of restriction and some restlessness is evident. Your judgment may not be up to par, so leave all important decisions till later. Some little luxuries later on are indicated.

Lotto Numbers: 5.

Capricorn December 21 - January 19

As your emotions are very much on the surface now, do not make any hard and fast decisions. Best to wait till you have calmed down and have your emotions under control. You may regret the fact that you have confided in someone you shouldn't have trusted.

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You could be just a little too hesitant in deciding on something important and you could be missing out on a good deal. However do not let this influence you in future decision making and become too hasty. Lotto Numbers: 2. You cannot rely on anything or anybody at eh moment. Best to do the important things yourself and make the hard decisions later on. Your own intuition is the best at the present time.

Lotto Numbers: 4. You could find it hard to keep up with things happening around you. There are some confusing aspects operating in your sector. Just let things happen and sit tight at the moment. Soon you will be in control again. You could be asked to help a friend in need. The best thing to do is give all the help you can, but refuse anything that will put you in a n awkward situation. It is up to you to put the breaks on when you feel it necessary. Distributed by All Day Distribution.

Responsibilityfor election and referendum comment is accepted by Ash Long. ACN There could be something to celebrate due to your general good luck. Remember a friend who doesn't have much joy in life as you.

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Your financial situation should improve very much and this will help you to make plans for the future. Previous page Next page. Melbourne Observer. August 23,