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For example, Pisces might like to dabble in the cocktail circuit now and then and will even benefit from all the contacts a Libra brings into his or her life, but Pisces may not want to spend as much time out and about as a Libra. After a long day, a cozy night at home reading or watching TV to unwind sounds good to Pisces. Another possible hitch in the relationship from your perspective is the Libra tendency to over-analyze things. You trust your emotions more than Libras trusts theirs, so conflicts could arise when your Libra asks you to justify your position — how do you explain your gut instincts to someone so supremely logical?

Also, Libras can be a little bossy, but this is asserted in a charming, diplomatic way. Thus, you often let them have their own way. Libra, symbolized by the scales, cares about finding a fair solution, something strongly in your favor.

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Happily, Libra lights up your house of physical love and things could be hot, hot, hot in bed. Pisces are not likely to let the physical part of your relationship overtake the other areas.

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You need an emotional partner in life, and if your bubbly Libra can slow down long enough to give you the nurturing you need, this could be a great match. As a water sign, your Fish can dive to the depths of your soul. Pisces loosen up your all-too-prudent ways, and help you view the unlimited possibilities of life and love.

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Now you do. Since both of you are so shy and reserved, you will melt together with delicacy and tenderness. But you both want to sense authenticity and true emotion in each other first. Both of you have floodgates of emotion to unlock but tremble at doing so, lest you make yourselves vulnerable.

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Once sure though, you are able to unlock your hearts, and express those feelings in a spiritual and erotic manner. Hang on to your lover, and try to make this work. Know that there will be no shades of gray in this relationship — it will be wonderful or terrible.

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In astrology, an opposition of Sun signs means that your personalities will either dovetail perfectly or forever be at odds. The end result is up to you. Continue Reading. Try Another Match I am a My match is New Articles from Susan. More from Astrology Zone.

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Age of Aquarius. Table of Eclipse Dates from to Daily Horoscopes. They adore your nurturing, visionary qualities and are inspired by your love of helping others. One small problem may be that Taurus are quite materialistic and you most definitely are not.

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An earth sign, Taurus like to have and hold the fruits of their labors. Pisces get the greatest joy from creativity and philanthropy, so you might not understand why your Taurus instinctively amasses wealth, objects and toys. For Pisces, love is ethereal and spiritual. For a Taurus, being in love means making love — a lot. Taurus emphasize the power of touch but do not necessarily have a strong spiritual experience when making love.

This puzzles you, for your approach is so different. Casual sex offends your deep sensibilities and snuffs out your spiritual ardor.