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Nancy recognizes that men and women of the same sign manifest the characteristics of the zodiac differently and has written accurate and helpful descriptions for both males and females of each sign. Click on the result to be taken to your placement or use the drop-down menu above to read about your karmic destiny!


The most comprehensive resource on the moon nodes. Use astrological keys to harness the positive energy of the universe in your life. But to answer this question more fully we need to look at the ancient practices of Astrology and Numerology. They go hand in hand — and have done so for thousands of years. Numerology is the study of numbers. Your choice!

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It is an ancient system based on observations of the heavens. For thousands of years it was used as a portend to warn of impending gloom or disaster. Today, it is regarded by many as both an art and a mathematical science. Each sign of the zodiac is associated with an element , a planetary ruler , a symbol , and a quality and it is these qualities that determine horoscope compatibility :.

In Astrology, these elements are reflected in the temperament of the person. As an example, people born under the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Sagittarius are literally down-to-earth in their approach to life.

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The Moon sign is helpful in finding your compatibility with other beings on earth, especially with your mother, father, partner, children and siblings. The Moon sign is responsible for dictating how people build new relations and what are the driving factors that help them in sustaining long lasting relationships and maintaining harmonious relations with everyone. Vedic astrology treats the Moon sign as a crucial factor for predicting the daily life scenarios. Your need to feel empowered and pampered at the same time which can make you overly-demanding.

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Your need of affection, stability and material comforts helps you create deep rooted relationships. You need to feel safe and nurtured all your life. You crave for playfulness and excitement and you always need someone to celebrate your conquests with. You want to create an equal and delightful environment for yourself to live in.

You often find it difficult to open up to new people and have a hard time trusting people. You are driven by wisdom that comes from new experiences.

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You want to be surrounded by festivities and celebrations. You crave for peaceful alone times to refuel yourself and get back on your task for creating things that will last for multiple generations.

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Your need for freedom makes it difficult for you to settle down in life. You live in your own fantasy world. Your creativity and compassion makes you a powerful healer and your spirituality drives your sensuality. Related Post.

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