Pisces weekly 15 to 21 tarot march 2020

This is a good weekend to try something new in your domestic routine or personal life.

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A stronger than normal intuition can guide you in making quick decisions on which way to go. Follow your instincts and make the most of any opportunities that come your way.

The Wheel of Fortune tells you that it looks as though things are changing. In most cases, this indicates positive, needed changes but for some people, change itself is very difficult and can almost be traumatic. Change is part of the cyclical nature of life.

Live in the now, count your blessings, and just realize that much of life is outside of your control, but that even that is okay. Roll with any changes, and think positively.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Menu Skip to content. Of course, such thoughts will not be accidental and they will be provoked by specific events in the last days.

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  8. Today you will be performing your tasks with greater anxiety, tension or feelings of unstability. Conflicts in the family where they occur will be the result of tricks, intrigues, lies and other wrongdoing. Today will be a good day for you to work, especially if your activity is focused on women or if you are working in a team with women. We are all born with psychic ability, but over time, our left brain takes over from the intuitive right brain and we lose our confidence in these abilities and our familiarity with them.

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    4. They can be used anywhere, at any time, and are particularly nice entertaining with relatives, friends and etc. Practice as often as you can and before you know it, you will be more psychic than you ever imagined. You will be amazed at the accuracy of your readings.

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