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Sunil Sir introducing an eminent Gemini astrologer Ashutosh Bhardwaj from Patna who has knowledge of rare dasha which is one of padmanabhaman dasha Jyotishacharya Kameshwar Upadhyaya, an astrologer who is based in Varanasi, has forecasted that since Varanasi MP Narendra Modi will be taking oath as The great writer astrologer manoj kumar sharma of kashi has given interview how can we stop the suicide of student in modern degital world. Astrologer Dr.

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Bhagirath Prasad Tripathi well known as Vagish Shastri is an international Sanskrit grammarian, eminent linguist, Tantric and yogi. Tripathi invented Part 3 - Conversation with Pt Neelakanth Shastry - Banaras with English Russian Subtitles video Saptarishis Astrology presents an old interview done with one of the four rare Astro-palmist of India, who can construct one's horoscope from one's palm Bhu rsm video. Part 2 - Naleen Desai Interview by Saptarishis Astrology - with English Subtitles video This is part 2 of the interview of Shri Naleen Desai, a blind astrologer from Gujarat having more than 50 years experience in astrology.

Part 1 - Smt. Part 2 - Smt. Godrej Appliances urges citizens to fight against a new age evil — e-waste. Get in touch.

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Recent Posts. Manohar Lal administering the pulse polio drops in Chandigarh. Most Popular. Devotion in a delicious way at Gopal's: One of the major festivals celebrated across India is Navrati, which is filled with lot Contact us: newznewmd gmail. Most Viewed.