Saturn and venus astrology

Art and music that stand the test of time.

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Rigid in relationships. Inability to give in to pleasure. Finding pleasure in structured activities. Finding pleasure in doing things that require discipline. Liking to be disciplined. Getting turned on by the idea of being disciplined. Mature partnerships. Testing relationships. Testing potential partners.

Having a realistic outlook on relationships. Feeling that relationships are a burden. Feeling that relationships are a lot of work. Having a depressed outlook on relationships. Feeling depressed about the way you look. Feeling depressed about your powers of attraction. Building up confidence in appearance through hard work.

Natal Venus Conjunct Saturn- The Provider

Feeling depressed about your creative abilities. Feeling that you are not attractive, good-looking, flirtatious, creative, or sociable enough. Having social graces. Lacking confidence in your social abilities. Feeling that you never have enough money. Putting up barriers to relationships. Putting a time frame on relationships. Attracting serious people. Attracting older people. Old money. Attracting businesspeople. Attracting Capricorn types. Feeling attracted to serious people. Feeling attracted to no-nonsense business types. Feeling attracted to responsible individuals.

Feeling attracted to people who find beauty in hard circumstances. Getting better with age.

NEWS UPDATE: Storage of North/South and Lat/Long settings (10/04/2013)

Becoming more attractive with age. Gaining ease and grace with age. Becoming more sociable with age. Feeling better about the way you look as you get older. Feeling more comfortable in your own skin as you get older. Becoming more tactful as you get older. Handling responsibility beautifully. Bittersweet relationships. Horoscope Symbols. Venus Conjunction is one of the hardest conjunction I have to deal with. So I doubt myself alot and of course its hard to open up in love and form strong relationships and Venus conjunct Uranus isnt doing any favours. Its hard to be beautiful and to feel beautiful.

I also have a stellium in Capricorn which absolutely loathe. Well, you have to work on it. Do the work to feel beautiful and good about yourself. Sign me up for the newsletter!

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Fill out my Wufoo form! No, thanks! This transit creates harmony in relationships that comes from being grounded in the real needs of the other person. You may find yourself helping a friend in some practical way or collaborating on some task requiring patience and endurance. This transit favors barn-raising kinds of activities. The end result of this happy effort is a practical boost to someone's life. Saturn means endings, too, especially if things have hit a dead-end of some kind, and a parting is the only solution.

Saturn is the buh-bye planet. And, sometimes this is a relief since it has been a long time coming.

Venus And Saturn In 1st House

And if there is no sense of a future or shared purpose. Venus rules the arts, and Saturn's harmonious meeting helps artists get serious about their gift and make it real in the day-to-day.

It is a fleeting transit that reconnects you to that daily commitment. This sequence encompasses all twelve signs, since the ascension line equally divides the zodiacal signs into two groups of six. For short: 1. CM, 2.

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MC, 4. CM, 5. FF, 6.

Obeying and Commanding Signs to the Left and Right, respectively. When obeying signs relate to commanding signs via trine or sextile, the dialogue is considered to be more agreable. Note that for the purposes of simplicity, clarification, and to prevent confusion, this first diagram is intentionally left incomplete. In other words, only the obeying and commanding signs via horizontal configuration are rendered, while introducing only four additional aspects, via sextile and trine at the start with Capricorn to Scorpio and Virgo, and ending with Taurus and Gemini to Cancer and Leo, respectively.

The final diagram displayed below discloses all possible configurations between signs crossing the ascension line. In other words, given the example above, Capricorn, obeying Sagittarius via ascension , simultaneously obeys Scorpio via sextile, and Virgo via trine. The scheme continues the basic horizontal configurations, until it ends with indirect Taurus obeying Leo, and in sextile to Cancer the trine to Virgo is added in the following diagram.

Gemini, the last of the crooked signs, traditionally obeys Cancer while in sextile to Leo its trine to Libra is, again, included in the last diagram below. In the diagram below, all oppositions are illustrated, considering their locations naturally cross the ascensional divide. Indirect Capricorn opposes direct Cancer, indirect Aquarius opposes direct Leo, indirect Pisces opposes direct Virgo, indirect Aries opposes direct Libra, indirect Taurus opposes direct Scorpio, and indirect Gemini opposes direct Sagittarius.

From the top of this diagram, first crooked or indirect sign, Capricorn diagonally opposes Cancer, as the rest of the signs follow a diagonal pattern, from left to right. After observing the fundamental relationship between crooked and direct signs, strictly crossing the ascensional line, I added the sextile, trine, and opposition configurations, and arrived at the diagram above.

Venus – Saturn Aspects: Conjunct Sextile Trine Square Opposition

In other words, this pattern is a result of studying the basic interaction between obeying and commanding signs, including those in harmonious aspects. A sextile between Capricorn and Pisces, for example, is unable to extend beyond the left side of the diagram, and would contradict the relationship between obeying and commanding signs. If the interaction between crooked and direct signs is indeed one of agreement or amant, then the symmetrical arrangement of its possible configurations is a visual affirmation of this acquiescence.

Hand-drawn diagrams are my own.

Key Concepts for Saturn

Please do not reproduce without permission. As noted above, I have arrived at these diagrams by studying the source texts referenced below.