An astrologers day by rk narayans short story summary

The title of the story is itself suggestive and makes the readers acquainted with the story that is to be followed. It is a very short story of hardly five pages but it has all the good qualities of a short story. The present story narrates a story of a day in the life of an astrologer who chooses to be one not by choice but due to the mysterious situation in the life which forced him to run away from his village and to be an astrologer. The day which the story narrates is the most important day in the life of the astrologer as it helps him to liberate himself from the past guilt and the circumstance which forced him to be an astrologer.

The narrative of the story begins with the pen picture of the astrologer who is the central character of the story. Narayan has minutely described the appearance, the clothes, and his paraphernalia of the astrologer- the con man. Narayan has also given minute details of the place where the astrologer used to sit with his materials he uses to ply his trade.

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It was a busy street with a number of shops. After giving the description of the surrounding of the work place, buzzing with activities of the different traders and vendors, Narayan describes the catchy phrases used by the groundnut vendor to transact business which gives a lively atmosphere to the story. The Joy of Reading Literature, 2 Being the only astrologer at the place, it was not difficult to find clients for him, he was a saviour.

Everything went well for sometimes. There was no challenge. He did not have any rival. He could earn his bread without any trouble. It is our common experience that in our ancient country miracle workers, sadhus, snake-charmers, astrologers, quacks etc. He describes the narrator thus: His forehead was resplendent with sacred ash and vermilion, and his eyes sparkled with a sharp abnormal gleam which was really an outcome of a continual searching look for customers, but which his simple clients took to be a prophetic light and felt comforted.

The power of his eyes was considerably enhanced…To crown the effect he wound a saffron- coloured turban around his head. This colour scheme never failed. People were attracted to him as bees are attracted to cosmos or dahlia stalks. The Joy of Reading Literature, The narrator who is not a qualified profession astrologer manages to cheat simple- hearted, trusting clients whose individual problems are usually related to money, marriage or health. Bogus practitioners of such arts take disadvantage of illiterate people who are in extreme need of permanent solution of their problems. How nice it would be if some gentleman claiming to possess divine power and full knowledge of stars offers help to turn their desert into garden just for a trivial amount?

He said things which pleased and astonished everyone: that was more a matter of study, practice and shrewd guesswork. The Joy of Reading Literature, 3 The astrologer has mastered the tricks of trade in very short time. He can judge what type of response his clients expect from him. He prolongs his conversation with his client so as to get rough idea of his problem, to collect as many details from him as possible, to peep into his mind and then only will he begin asking questions.

The questions are easy enough. The astrologer pretended to be omniscient.

Majority of people in India are superstitious and behave irrationally. They are led to believe by holy figures and such impostors that any planet or stars located up in the sky can make or mar their fortune. They accept it as a gospel truth and never ask why some fortune tellers themselves fail to please angry stars. The very dealings of the astrologer with his customers are described thus: He had a working analysis of mankind's troubles: marriage, money, and the tangles of human ties. Long practice had sharpened his perception…he told the person before him, gazing at his palm, "In many ways you are not getting the fullest results for your efforts," nine out of ten were disposed to agree with him.

An Astrologer's Day by R. K. Narayan, 1947

Or he questioned: "Is there any woman in your family, maybe even a distant relative, who is not well disposed towards you? How can you be otherwise with Saturn where he is? You have an impetuous nature and a rough exterior. The Joy of Reading Literature,3 It was a stereotyped life for the astrologer which he enjoyed to the fall.

The speciality of Narayan lies in the telling the readers about the life of an astrologer whose name is not even mentioned by the writer, even no details of his past life has been given. It tends the readers to think that he must be an original inhabitant of this village. The narrative of the story takes a turn when the astrologer encounters a stranger whom he finds a potential client.

He tries to entice him through his usual methods: You look care worn. It will do you good to sit down for a while and chat with me.

An Astrologers Day

The Joy of Reading Literature, 4 The stranger is not an ordinary client; it is difficult for the astrologer to accept his conditions. The stranger wants something worthwhile from the astrologer. He has his own questions to ask and is ready to pay high fees for that but if the astrologer found bluffing, he would like to have his money back with interest.

The astrologer found himself caught in the tight situation. He knows that this visitor would lend him in trouble. The few examples which I could find are how the author has compared light to human lives and how they keep flashing.

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How he has compared his items to the medium for contacting heavenly residents and how he claims to know and be able to solve all the problems of his clients using his invisible powers. No, the story does not seem to have a moral, and specifically ends in a tone which presupposes amorality. The main focus seems to be on money making and running economic businesses which tend to sustain human life.

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Though there are instances where a lot of emotions are involved but the notions of morality are not dealt with in the conventional sense and the author has no qualms regarding this. In the end I would like to conclude by saying that this analysis assignment provided me with an opportunity to get involved with a literary text like I have never been before and hence gave a new perspective into the domain of critical analysis of literary works like short stories.

This proves to be a very important skill for understanding the beauty of any literary piece and I would thus be highly grateful and indebted for this brilliant opportunity of demystifying the multidimensionality and complex foundations of short stories as a medium to literature. Narayan, R. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Who tells the story? What point of view is used? Name one major personality trait of each leading character, and tell how the author makes the reader conscious of this trait.

The personality traits of the main characters can be defined as: Astrologer — he appears to be a heavenly man, in whom many people find solace and tranquility. Where does the primary action take place? What is the time setting for the action? Period of history? Time of day?

An astrologer's day by rk narayan in Hindi short story for class 12th up board

How much time does the story cover? A few minutes? A lifetime? How long? Identify the conflict s that the leading character or characters confront. Does this story contain any of the following elements? Can you find any examples of figurative language, such as simile, metaphor or personification?

Does the story have a moral? Jayam English: Victory is a Tamil romantic action drama film directed by M. The film is a remake of the Telugu film with the same title. It featured Ravi and Sadha in their first Tamil ventures respectively, with the success of the film prompting the actor to retain the film's title as a prefix to his stage name.

Till date, Jayam is the first and the only Tamil film Gopichand has performed in. Plot The story is centered in a village called Pushpathoor. The parents of first cousins Sujatha Sadha and Raghu Gopichand decide that the kids would get married to one another when they grow up. Raghu is seen to be arrogant and negatively shaded since he was young. He smokes and steals money from his father. Once when Raghu attacks Sujatha's classmate when he helps her, Sujatha breaks.

Middle 19th century, Walters Art Museum The names of the days of the week in many languages are derived from the names of the classical planets in Hellenistic astrology, which were in turn named after contemporary deities, a system introduced by the Roman Empire during Late Antiquity.

In some other languages, the days are named after corresponding deities of the regional culture, either beginning with Sunday or with Monday. In the international standard ISO , Monday is treated as the first day of the week. Days named after planets Greco-Roman tradition Between the 1st and 3rd centuries, the Roman Empire gradually replaced the eight-day Roman nundinal cycle with the seven-day week. Our earliest evidence for this new system is a Pompeiian g. Ibrahim Yousef Ibrahim Hazboun b. October 18, is a Palestinian astrologer who was born in Bethlehem city in the West Bank. He is a well-known figure in the Middle East.