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Planetdance Astrology Unlimited Version

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Download Planetdance Astrology Unlimited Version

You can set different orbs for natal, transiting and progressed use, and different orbs for the luminaries vs. You can create and store an unlimited number of different aspect sets for different purposes.

Returns can be for any planet or asteroid, or to any specified point in the zodiac, and you can do a whole string of returns automatically from one input. You can also find ingresses and eclipses in the dynamic search option, and can create custom ephemeris pages for any period in history.

Every day that you open your Solar Fire your selected reminders will pop-up and jog your memory for the birthdays of clients, family and friends. These can be added to a page using the Page Designer. You can get pop-up interpretations of individual aspects and other factors by clicking on planets and other items in the chart wheel or hitlist. You can also view, edit and print complete multi-page reports through your favorite word processor. If you wish, you can put your own stamp on the interpretations by rewriting and adding to the text database itself.

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  • Alice Portman has added comprehensive Vertex interpretations to the Natal interpretation file. There is also text about house cusps, dispositors, rays, and lunar phases. Also, there are now Sign and House interpretations for Chiron, Eris, Sedna, Selena and the 6 standard asteroids, and aspect interps for Chiron. This report is updated with each new version becoming more and more comprehensive. In the latest Solar Fire text for the Vertex has been written by Alice Portman, an Australian astrologer and expert on this subject.

    The Solar Fire interpretations text is continually updated and improved for your enjoyment. These reports can be sold or given to your friends, family and clients however we recommend you edit them first as they have been written for astrological edification. The page approx Synastry Report is a comprehensive interpretation of the relationship between the planets in two people's charts.

    It is written mainly from the perspective of a romantic attachment, but can shed light on other types of relationships. Solar Fire also contains comprehensive interpretations reports for Transits and Progressions. These are designed to outline the energies at any given time. Aimed primarily at astrologers, they can also be given to clients with some editing.

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    The Solar Fire creators always welcome contributions to our much-loved astrology software. Years of expertise make this program a welcome addition to any astrologers' tool kit. A Firdaria report is also contained in Solar Fire. This ancient tradition is based on "periods" of time being ruled by different planets. The Firdaria report is available as a single interpretation for the current period approx one page , as a report for the Previous, Current and Next period or for a lifetime.

    Sabian Interpretations are also available in the form of a handy Oracle and for your Natal Chart work.

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    • These interpretations have been written by world-renowned Sabian expert Lynda Hill. This report written by Stephanie Johnson evaluates and interprets the major themes for the forthcoming birthday year. Besides sorting timed hits in the usual chronological order, you can sort with the slowest-moving transits first. Or, try grouping natal points to see how each is affected by transits during the period.

      Or, put exact and leaving hits upfront with the entering hit to see the whole course of each transit as it starts. Or, sort transits, progressions, directions, ingresses, stations and eclipses into separate sections. Dynamic lists have the same advanced options tertiaries, minors, quotidians, Bija correction, etc. Also note our new calendar complete with short text. The powerful time search capability enables you to use a wide range of astrological criteria and chart data criteria.

      Solar Fire makes it all so easy and the results are fascinating. Some chart shapes also allow selection of which planet is key e. Lead planet in a Locomotive, Handle planet in a Sling or Bucket. And if that is not enough Solar Fire now allows for full Boolean logic support! Now you can see aspects already in Orb at the start of each report. Our Dynamic events now always have the highest accuracy possible, including for large time steps.

      Auto DST adjustments are now applied to report events and a timezone column added to show which timezone applies to each event. You can easily and quickly display any dynamic report in calendar format, for a day, week or month at a time. You can print your Solar Calendar or email it to your family, friends or clients. Your interpretations can be shown as popup hint bubbles or as a separate report. The calendar can also be produced as a PDF file and then easily exported as calendar events into other calendar programs such as MS Outlook, or any other calendar applications that are compatible with the iCalendar or vCalendar formats.

      All Kinds of Forecasting Charts: Solar Fire lets you cast all types and variations of forecasting charts and save them for future use. You can choose from:. Progressed Charts: By secondary, tertiary mean or true , minor or user rate. Progressed day type may be standard or Bija. Can also be direct or converse, tropical, sidereal or precession-corrected. Directed Charts include solar, Ascendant, Vertex and user-defined arcs, and these can be direct or converse, with whole, half, double or reverse arcs.

      You can view any forecasting chart either by itself or in a multi-ringed wheel along with the natal and other charts. Return Charts include returns of the Sun, Moon or any planet or standard asteroid to its natal or any other specified position. Returns can be tropical, sidereal or precession-corrected; direct or converse; full, demi, quarti, or any other harmonic; and you can do a whole string of returns from any starting date.

      Other types of return include progressed solar returns and Wynn Key Cycles. Lunar-Phase Charts include progressed and transiting lunar phases, eclipses, phase returns, and Pessin lunar phase families. Solar Fire's aspect highlighting feature makes the changes even more dramatic, thickening an aspect line as the aspect builds in intensity, and then changing it to a broken line as soon as the aspect separates.

      Not only can you animate chart wheels, you can also animate aspectarians and even whole pages in order to watch their tables of dignities, arabic parts, rays and a lot more change through time. You can also animate dials, get point-and-click interpretations, and print out any chart that you see on the screen.

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      This simple and direct way of looking at charts could well become your favorite way to forecast. A Real-Time Chart shows you a wheel or page with constantly updating current planetary positions. To get it, you simply put the animated chart on automatic update. Dynamic Hit lists are extraordinarily flexible and complete in Solar Fire. You can do transits to natal, transiting, progressed or directed positions , progressions secondary, tertiary, minor and user-defined, to natal or progressed positions , arc directions solar, Ascendent, Vertex or user-defined whole, double, half or reverse arcs , sign and house ingresses, stations and eclipses.

      You can do any of these by themselves or mix them in one timed list, and you can gain even further flexibility by merging hit lists.