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Men born under the Leo constellation are hopeless romantics, through and through. He'll wine and dine you, buy you flowers, and take cute pics together, never shy to show off how great you are together. Natural performer that he is, everything becomes a show in your relationship. Which is why if you want to date someone low-key, a Leo is probs not for you.

How to Attract a Leo Man - Secrets to Winning his Heart Forever

He has one hell of a fragile ego and needs constant doting and affection to make things work. Again, you'll be rewarded with epically romantic gestures on his end, but if you never care for that kind of stuff anyway, it might not be worth the effort of dealing with his moods and need for validation. Like the Sun, everything revolves around him, and you have to stay in his orbit too!

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Getting him to see things from your perspective is work, and it can feel like it's his way or the highway, with his being a fixed, stubborn sign and all. There's also a part of him that is a shit-stirrer and lives for the drama, so if that sounds like a nightmare to you, approach this relationship carefully.

But if you're smitten with a Leo, play along with his games, even if you roll your eyes while doing so, and let him feel like a royal. He has an inflated ego, yes, but he also has the biggest heart. Follow Jake on Instagram. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Related Story.

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There's also a part of him that lives for the drama. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Astrology. Do you love flowers and chocolate?

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Be sure that the Leo man will know. So, when you see him come to see you with expensive clothes and fine jewelry, be sure to create room for him in your life. The Leo man cannot hide certain aspects of his character when he falls in love. The element Fire is the chief governing element of the Leo zodiac sign. This element makes your man be very expressive when it to matters of the heart.

He will not shy from showing you his romantic side, even in public. His expresses his romance in a classic, traditional way. Expect this man to open doors and pull chairs for you if he truly likes you. Of course, men of all calibers do this all the time. When he starts inviting you for date nights, you have a special place in his heart.

He wants you to get close as a couple. The Leo man understands that dinner over candlelight will get you to open up.

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One of the most obvious signs that your man is into you is when he starts giving you much attention. The Leo sign is closely associated with admiration, praise, and attention. He will play the role of a committed cheerleader in your life. When you succeed, this man will cheer you to your next goal. If he has been your friend for long, you may mistake this for just a friendly gesture.

The Sun rules over the Leo zodiac sign. This celestial body stands for talents, self-expression, and identity. This makes the Leo man a kind of a party animal.

The Great and Not-so-great Traits of a Leo Man

He looks for avenues to express his whole being to the outside world. The social life of Leo man is a busy one. He usually has a large group of friends and hangers-on. He will turn on all his charm in a bid to impress you. But, you need to make the right moves for this to happen. It is literally impossible not to notice that the Leo man is into you.

He has a passionate, vibrant approach to life. This will be seen in the way he relates to you.


People love the Leo man because he has over-the-top confidence. Last Updated on February 18th, Are you interested in the telling signs a Leo man likes you? Here are the telltale signs that the Leo man likes you. When you see him move in this direction, be assured that he has deep feelings for you. This is more pronounced when he falls in love.

The reason? He wants you to feel that you are his number one. The Leo man appreciates beauty.


He is very Romantic The Leo man cannot hide certain aspects of his character when he falls in love. But, you man will up the game by offering you flowers before you head out to dinner. He Gives You Much Attention One of the most obvious signs that your man is into you is when he starts giving you much attention.

Your Leo man will show great interest in your accomplishments, behaviors, and actions.